Pictures of Bailey

   Here are some pictures that I have taken of my nephew, Bailey and a couple of early pictures that were not taken by me.  He was born on at 12:37 PM October 8th.  I saw him about a month after he was born and I think he's adorable...but you can decide for yourself.  Hopefully I will be taking more pictures and posting them as time goes by but for now, enjoy!

One Day Old Picture

One-Day Old Picture

Birth Announcement - Two Week Picture

Bailey's Birth Announcement - Picture is when he was 2 weeks old.

November 2001 (Click on each one for the full-size picture)

Picture of Bailey in His Bassinette	Me cradling Bailey - It's a great Feeling! He's even looking at me! My Proud Dad Holding Bailey
Bailey Bailey & Uncle Chris Bailey & Granddad
The Chin Family and Bailey My Mom Holding up Bailey so that he looks at the camera. Bill (The Dad) cradling Bailey. Bailey is just in awe.
Family Picture Grandma & Bailey Dad & Bailey
Three Generations in One Picture. Albert holding Bailey, who is stretching his arm out in joy.  
Grandparents, Mom, Bailey, Dad Uncle Albert & Bailey  

Christmas 2001

Bailey Christmas Picture

Family Christmas Picture

Bailey Eng Family

December 2001

Bailey Sleeping Bailey swinging around Sticking out his tongue
Just hanging out

January 2002 - March 2002

Closeup of Bailey

Bailey with his fun center Bailey lying down
Another close-up of Bailey Bailey in a stare of wonderment Bailey close-up in car seat
Smiling baby Staring really intently on something interesting Bailey trying to get up
Bailey in a happy daze Bailey with his caterpillar Bailey and his big fluffy toy

March 23, 2002

Bailey before the bath Bailey enjoying his bath Bailey apparently likes baths
Bailey getting dried All clean and feelin' fine Bailey getting a lift from Dad

May 2002

Bailey & Dad Bailey and Grandpa
Bailey getting a taste of birthday cake Bailey getting a taste ofa Duplo block

July 2002

Bailey and Mom Bailey doing a little dance in the air Baily cracking a smile

August 17, 2002

Hey, I want out of this jail! Bailey sitting down with a camera bag Bailey have fun with dad.

December 2002

Bailey eating a cup Bailey Staring into the Camera Bailey being generous
Smiling, Laughing Bailey Bailey gazing into the distance Bailey and the bottle

Christmas 2002

Smiling Bailey One of Bailey's many toys Bailey staring at the TV with mom and dad resting in the background
Bailey fascinated by the light Bailey 2002 Christmas Pic Family 2002 Christmas Pic


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