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"for Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Computer, and Technology."

Randy J. Asher, Principal

Dekalb Avenue and South Elliot Place
Brooklyn, New York 11217

The primary purpose of this page is to provide you with a jump point to various Tech resources that are available on the WWW. I have also included some very sparse information on Tech which may or may not grow depending on the growth of the other Tech sites and the time constraints of my studies. I have also included e-mail addresses for some Tech alumni (which I hope will grow) as well. If I am missing any other Tech Sites or if you have any comments, please e-mail me at

Important Messages

10/10/04- A number of the links below are inactive.  These are indicated by an Asterix (*). I haven't removed them from the list as I'm not sure if they have relocated or more likely, have just been removed completely from the internet due to various reasons.  If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of these pages or new BTHS-related pages, please e-mail me to let me know so I can keep this page up to date.  Thanks.

Brooklyn Tech Links

Here are some other pages that contain extensive information about one of the BEST high schools ever to exist:

The Brooklyn Technical High School Alumni Association

Tech Logo

To Contact the Alumni Association please write or call:

Brooklyn Tech Alumni Association
29 Fort Greene Place
Brooklyn, New York 11217-1203
Fax: 718-797-9304

The Alumni Association is really interested in getting into contact with Tech Alumni of all ages. Please contact them and join. It is a great opportunity to support the high school where we grew up in and loved (that is if you did like going to Tech). Also, their site contains some interesting information about Tech's history and plans for the 75th Anniversary of Brooklyn Tech.

Links to Other Specialized Science High Schools and Related Sites

The Brooklyn Tech Alma Mater

Free Speech On-line
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