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11/03/2003: "Dave - Lion"

music: The Simpsons Theme - Danny Elfman
mood: hehe - Bouncy-esque.

Well, a bunch of us on Fruhead.com, an online community for fans of the band on perpetual hiatus, Moxy Fruvous, decided that it would be a fun little idea to get a stuffed animal, get a disposable camera to take pictures of a bunch of local fruheads at some function (concert, party, dinner, etc.), add some accruements, and then mail it off to another fruhead to repeat the process. This little idea to have one animal galvanting around the world turned into having 4 different animals, each representing a member of Fruvous, based on the suggestion of Nate. I opted to go get a stuffed lion to represent Dave (as he is the King of Spain...if you don't understand what I'm saying, don't worry about it so much, and yes, I am weird, but hopefully you won't hold that against me and if you're a friend of mine, then you already know this) and here it is:

davelion (36k image)

I'll be taking this to a Girlyman show on Monday at The Fez in NYC, where I will meet up with Reinhard, a fellow Dar-Lister and Fruhead, and perhaps a few other people so we can take pictures. I think I shall then pass it off to Reinhard who can take it on his US tour and then back home to Germany. We shall see.

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on Tuesday, November 4th, Reinhard said

It's sooo cute. Good choice! We'll have blast:)

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