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Monday, November 17th

3 shows, 3 days, One Week

music: Maori - Girlyman
mood: Happily Sated.

I have been blessed with great music and great company this past week. Three shows to be precise.
ChrisChin on 11.17.03 @ 03:59 PM EST [more..] [No Comments]

Saturday, November 8th

Update: Nephew's Name

music: Dazed and Confused
mood: Half-Awake

So, just a quick little post to state the baby's name is Kenneth (or Kenny, for short). He was born at 5:35AM. I'll probably go down with the rest of the family in a couple of weekends...so pictures then unless they e-mail us some sooner.
ChrisChin on 11.08.03 @ 10:16 AM EST [link] [No Comments]

Friday, November 7th

I'm an Uncle Again!!!!!

music: Hey Little Man - Eddie From Ohio
mood: grin - Ecstatic

At about 7AM this past Thursday morning, I get a call from my sister who tells me that she has a new healthy baby boy that was born at about 5 AM. She didn't have a name picked out yet at the time (I'll try to find that out tomorrow after she gets some rest), but he's 6 pounds 15 ounces and 21 and a half inches long. So, I'm an uncle again! Yay!! I probably won't be able to get out to see him and Bailey until at least the weekend of the 21st at the earliest, but I will post a picture as soon as I get one. Speaking of Bailey...he's getting all talky as his babbling is turning into actual words). These kids are going to be too cute. LOL
ChrisChin on 11.07.03 @ 12:25 AM EST [link] [62 Comments]

Monday, November 3rd

Dave - Lion

music: The Simpsons Theme - Danny Elfman
mood: hehe - Bouncy-esque.

Well, a bunch of us on Fruhead.com, an online community for fans of the band on perpetual hiatus, Moxy Fruvous, decided that it would be a fun little idea to get a stuffed animal, get a disposable camera to take pictures of a bunch of local fruheads at some function (concert, party, dinner, etc.), add some accruements, and then mail it off to another fruhead to repeat the process. This little idea to have one animal galvanting around the world turned into having 4 different animals, each representing a member of Fruvous, based on the suggestion of Nate. I opted to go get a stuffed lion to represent Dave (as he is the King of Spain...if you don't understand what I'm saying, don't worry about it so much, and yes, I am weird, but hopefully you won't hold that against me and if you're a friend of mine, then you already know this) and here it is:

davelion (36k image)

I'll be taking this to a Girlyman show on Monday at The Fez in NYC, where I will meet up with Reinhard, a fellow Dar-Lister and Fruhead, and perhaps a few other people so we can take pictures. I think I shall then pass it off to Reinhard who can take it on his US tour and then back home to Germany. We shall see.
ChrisChin on 11.03.03 @ 07:38 PM EST [link] [1 Comment]

Halloweeny Weekendy

music: Down and Dirty - Wendy Woo
mood: sleepy - Sleepyish

Okay, now I have a little time for another entry before I collapse and go to bed. This weekend has been pretty low key. It started off on Friday. After a busy day at work, I zoomed up to Morningside Heights and had dinner with Elaine and Benay at The Mill (my first time having Korean food for awhile) before meeting up with Jon and heading off to the Postcrypt Coffeehouse.
ChrisChin on 11.03.03 @ 12:35 AM EST [more..] [848 Comments]

Friday, October 31st

My First Attempt At Bloggage

music: This Town is Wrong - The Nields
mood: huh? - Comptemplative

Well, this first post is really a test to see if I have set up everything with Greymatter correctly, so this will not be much of an informative post about the insights into my mind (which I don't want to scare you as a first impression). So, let's hope this will work and I'll have a more fleshed out post in the future, perhaps over the weekend, when I actually have some more time instead of trying to rush out of here to go to work in the morning. Oh and Happy Halloween!!! More to come, perhaps. razz
ChrisChin on 10.31.03 @ 07:58 AM EST [link] [82 Comments]


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